Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron


Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron

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So, I was testing the low light capabilities of my new Canon 70-200m f/2.8 IS II USM lens. The lens outperformed my expectations however my tripod didn’t and I was forced to stick around the 1second exposure time due to heavy wind at the beach and a too weak tripod to hold the 7kg heavy gear steady over longer times.

With a history of over 120 years (founded in 1876), the yacht club is one of the oldest in Victoria. Situated in St. Kilda and close to the Melbourne Business District it is regarded as center of aquatic events in Victoria.

Today, the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron offers a range of sailing related activities such as yacht racing (ranging from social club races to highly competitive inter-club races), a cruising division (who arrange outings ranging from lunch outings to long-weekend cruises around the bay and further a field).

Photographic Technique:
The picture is a 25 shot tripple-horizontal-row panorama taken about 39min after sunset with a picture exposure of 0.6s at f/2.8 and ISO 100. I used DxO Optics 6 for the RAW file conversion, lens distortion optimisation as well as for contrast and detail enhancement. As usual Autopano Pro 2 did the stitching for me. I post-editied it in Bridge and framed in Photoshop.

The end-result is a 284 Megapixel photograph which is printable 8,4m x 4.98m at 72 DPI (excl. black frame).

Feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in this photograph: +61 402 254 235.