reflective towers “Fire and Air”


reflective towers

La DΓ©fense . Paris .Puteaux . Ile de France

Fire and Air Thanks to francesco melchionda for this title !!

urban sounds
Be careful, I assume no responsibility for any damage to your eardrums πŸ™‚

Nikon D300
processed with Color Efex Pro 4 (CEP4)

Increasingly appalled about Flickr
This morning June 3 , I discovered that all the pictures I had replaced were no longer available ; not visible on my stream as well as in groups
I consulted the forum

and I had to spend an hour to rotate about a third of my photos
It is really no longer possible
Is it really our job to fix Flickr bugs ??
Visiting some groups I administer , I found lots of unavailable pictures
Not fair for the photographers who posted ;((

Working in France , Paris , with Chrome (or FF , the same)

and yesterday , in the evening , I had only pandas , "not found" , or "server closed the request "
Unable to do anything …..;fed up

Possibly , an issue with local servers ,once again ,that never happened before , but I can’t move elsewhere , all I can do is to leave Flickr for another site where grass could be greener πŸ™‚

I’ve seen a new contest , once again :))
Incorrigible …so much so that I sometimes forget to vote πŸ™

created for May Contest: Architectural Detail in Spotlight Your Best

I hesitated , because I have other pictures fitting the theme in my stream (and many others on my HDD)
But at least , this one is new , not seen hundreds times :))

always liked contests πŸ™‚
As said Pierre de Coubertin " Participation is more important than winning"
" l’important ce n’est pas de gagner , mais de participer "

Might be my main reason to continue to exist on Flickr ? ….. not for long …..

Yay !! Winner first place tie in May Contest: Architectural Detail in Spotlight Your Best Thanks !
Win from time to time is always very encouraging to continue …. Haha πŸ™‚

NikonD300 Nikkor 70-300 AF VR
golden reflections in a late afternoon
intentionally highly enhanced with Color Efex Pro (unlike my usual way !!)

Posted on Sunday for Sliders Sunday !

Happy Sliders Sunday… HSS !!

Thank you for your kind visit , comments , faves and invitations
I’ll try to catch up , but really , heart, (or enthusiasm) is gone because of the slowness and complexity of the nth new page



Read what I’ve written below, in the first comment box
Thanks for reading !


# No invitation to private groups unless you send me an invitation to the groups , so that I can see them

# No invitation to Multi-Levels groups ( I mean generally more than 3 or 4 levels )
I’ve neither time nor patience to count awards for 5, 6,7,8 levels or even up to 10 or 12 (!)
But I always have time for any kind of contests !!!!