Reflections on 2014


Reflections on 2014

First off I want to wish everyone a Happy New year! For me 2014 was a challenging year for my photography due to a lot of personal events that happened. My 2014 began with some very challenging health issues that forced my photography to take a back seat in my life. After a 6 month recovery I was almost back to full health when I married my lovely wife in May which was certainly the highlight of my year. After the honeymoon I was excited to get back to photography and started with a complete redesign of my website and my photography business. I realized that I had spread myself too thin and needed to refocus my photography efforts. So I will be cutting back on my commercial and event photography and focusing more on my fine art and landscape photography because that is where my passion truly is. I will also continue my portrait photography as I also really enjoy that.

I was excited to make this past fall season a “re-launch” of my photography only to be faced with more challenges. Although I did get to spend a lot of time this fall photographing the beauty of North Carolina, since October I have experienced multiple hard drive failures, a number of computer issues, having to purchase a new car (my 2nd this year lol), my camera taking multiple trips to Nikon for repairs (which still has not been successfully repaired) and most recently a death in the family.

Despite these challenges I am very pleased with many of the images I have created in 2014….some of which I hope to be able to share soon. I am looking forward to a fresh start for 2015 and many amazing images to come. Although I have not had much time to view and comment on many of your photos lately I do my best to keep up and I want all of my contacts to know that you all continue to inspire me to keep pushing forward to share the beauty of the world we live in. I am grateful to be able to share in your experiences through your photos.

So with that said, the reason I chose to share this photo for this post is that for me it represents the challenge that all photographer’s face to make the best out of the situations they are given. I had spent the early morning on the Blue Ridge Parkway shooting a fairly uneventful sunrise. On my way down Hwy 276 back into Brevard my car broke down leaving me stranded on the side of the road about 7.5 miles from Brevard. Having no cell phone service and being a long walk from town I was not a happy camper. After a deep breathe, I got out of the car and discovered this beautiful set of cascades that you see here right next to where the car broke down. So I decided to make the best of my situation and did what any photographer would do, take some photos of this beautiful scene. After a brief photo excursion I was lucky enough to catch a ride into town and then lucky enough to get a ride to the airport to grab a rental car…the only place open on a Sunday to rent a car (A big thanks to the people who were kind enough to give me a ride!). By that afternoon my wife and I were back on the road to Gorges State Park to photograph waterfalls and virtually had the place to ourselves.

I want to wish everyone a great 2015 and remember that despite whatever challenges you come across in your life and in the photography field, as all people do at some point, stay positive, keep moving forward and make the best of the situations you are given.

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