Meghan Arbogast, Age 50, Corvallis, Oregon


Meghan Arbogast, Age 50, Corvallis, Oregon

Duncan Canyon Checkpoint and Aid Station
Mile Marker 23.8 out of 100.2
Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run
Sierra Nevada Mountains
Placer County, California

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My photos of the 2011 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run were taken at the Duncan Canyon aid station and checkpoint. The course had to be modified for this year’s event due to snow drifts as deep as 8-ft in the high-country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains (yes, in late JUNE!). In 2011, the Duncan Canyon Aid Station (elev. 6,090 feet) was the fourth checkpoint after the start in Squaw Valley. It was relocated from its usual position to a point where the Western States Trail crosses Mosquito Ridge Road near French Meadows Reservoir.

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If you’ve never heard of the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, please read some of the amazing factoids listed below!

Race Length: 100.2 Miles
Race Course: from Squaw Valley, CA to Auburn, CA (through the Sierra Nevada Mountains).
Topography: Mountainous
Total Course Climbing: 18,000 feet
Total Course Descent: 22,000 feet
Start Elevation: 6,250 feet at Squaw Valley, CA
Highest Elevation: Elevation 8,720 feet at Emigrant Gap, CA
Lowest Elevation: Elevation 581 feet at “No Hands Bridge” (American River at Auburn Ravine, Auburn, CA)
Finish Elevation: Elevation 1,280 feet at Placer High School, Auburn, CA
Course Surface: Mountainous trails comprised of soil, gravel and rock fragments; some bedrock; rare pavement.
Temperature Extreme Low: Potentially subfreezing with snow on course at start in Squaw Valley, CA and throughout the Emigrant Gap area.
Temperature Extreme High: Potentially 100-110 F (38-43 C) from mid-course to the finish in Auburn, CA.
Inaugural Race: 1974 (35th Annual in June 2009; 2008 race canceled due to wildfires)
Current Race Director: Greg Soderlund (
Entry Requirements: Recognized prior qualifying event (and 8 hrs race-related volunteer work if accepted by lottery)
Race Date: Late June each year
Race Start Location: Squaw Valley, CA
Race Cutoff at Finish Line: 30 hours (5:00AM Saturday to 11:00AM Sunday). It is rare for a winner to finish during daylight hours (typical sunrise at about 5:40 a.m. / typical sunset about 8:40 p.m.). Most participants must run through the night.
Race Course records:
15:07:04 (2010) Geoff Roes (Men)
17:37:51 (1994) Ann Trason (Women)
Number of Aid stations: 24 (typically)