Look 223-1

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Look 223-1

I am trying Pure Luxe cosmetics because they are sooo awesome. pureluxecosmetics.com/home.php There’s some good swatches of there shadows from one of my fav youtube gurus (below) if you wanna see how awesome they are I’m buying 20 new colors every two weeks so expect lots of these colors to be seen in upcoming photo journals. You can buy sample sizes in a jar for a dollar each and the samples are plenty (probalby more product than whats in a pan of a 120 palette). Highly pigmeted wet or dry. Blend very well. The Heavy Metal ones arent so great though but all the others are good.


Mardi Gras on top of Coastal Scents Gel liner Deep Plum.
Neon Pink on top of Coastal Scents Gel Liner Sexy Pink.

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