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Doing things like no other before is like walking in another line, why we need to do being different from them, how do we see things in another side? Is this possible to have a new line in a row?

I attend seminars about Quality Control, this seminars tackles the main cause of the real problem is in the organization itself, yes, and is true no need to attend seminar for this, if we know ourselves is our best enemy, but how we need to know more ourselves, our environment dictates us to be being with them, and our mind action accordingly in this way of thinking.

Working in an Export Company for long years as a research and product development officer is not a good job, but paying you a lot sometimes per project, and your Boss saying you always; “our sale will get high after this project out of the market! You can go to vacation after this! Yes vacation after finish the particular project, hmm sound nice, as I said this is not a good job after all. Vacation is also not good in this kind of works. Why I say this. How you can say you are free after your kids out in school and you are watching American idol and praying for the artist you want to be declared as a real winner,
How can we say we are free and in vacation with family and thinking what you can do to be more careful for the kids if all with you, or even if you alone and feel bored and open your pc for something else just to get out of your mind, how?

Being free is acceptance just live with them walk with them and feel with them, my master in this seminar put this thing in our mind , the second things he share to us is everybody need a free space for our self, as a person and different from the other person.

He share to us a line in a bible , I forgot the pages and the verses, but something like this I am not particular in the bible things and thoughts but the messages is clear, you are so special from the other person in your words ,in your thought , in your actions too,

And he shouting to all of us saying hey get out of the box his face look like red and I feel he is angry for what ever reason,

Then he put here things in the bag and walking outside the hall never turn back and go to small coffee table and put some head set on his ear, we all get shock we feel confuse, me I am thinking he get mad to someone , that time the seminar is running up to more hours and this person sitting , look like relax and we are thinking what s wrong , the company paying much for him, and the 2 long hours to wait him , feel more confusing , I see also he snap a bit and his eyes is close for almost 15 minute , and we are so silent , and no body want to talk , hey what’s wrong , I go to the other side of the room and I fall asleep, somebody doing that things and fall asleep too, but the only thing I notice no one get out of the room , we are all waiting for something, boring and everybody no one to talk just the eyes talking that time and our lips add some smile,

Time running and one of the participant decide to talk to all of us and saying we don’t need him in this kind of seminar , he never say anything to us just sip his coffee for long hours and we left nothing to do. and one of my colleagues saying , how can we say it in a nice way, everybody saying something ,suggesting , and one off the participant crumble the papers and want to throw to the master , that moment we are all smile and saying yes do it if you can! But after that no one, want to do that kind of things to his master after all,
Or maybe being polite much better that throwing things as our action for that particular situation and the message is clear , everybody even they have a good actions they don’t want to go out of the box,

New line in a row is a fresh and clear action ,as an artist , as a creator of this particular crafts , I love to share what I have after my long journey , this world is so fast in many particular , technology ,development, high-rise building new phone , everything that we can consider as our home outside our home or a chips on our big pockets , weight less but full of everything what we put inside that chips for our own purposes,
This new craft was born in this particular world of arts but I found out, this craft is out of the line , the material is there , the colors is in there, the meaning is there , the message is there , everything is there , and still I cannot fine the right line for this particular crafts,

I start doing craft on my early age, I still remembering cutting pages of full colored magazine cut in a small piece and paste it, collect all the colored papers and cut and paste it just my start, I love to draw plant animals flowers birds everything about nature, and this track considering of my actions whom I am now, in my own world,
I never finish college, as my root, but I take a fine arts courses in one best school in Philippines (U.S.T. University Of Santo Tomas) Manila the oldest School in Asia the school for Architecture and Fine Arts, that time I feel bless, it because I never dream to get enter in that school, I walk barefooted in my young age, I never dream one day I was in one of the room in there. In my teenage days I was always in a church I am a member of a choir group, but my voice is not good at that time, but I feel important when I am part of this group , our master telling me you are part of this group and your voice is to important to us, I joint also a theater club my master told me , here in our company money is hard to find and the only things I can share to you is how they praise you after the production is done, this group is a community base just for a public information and services, and that’s true I feel different from other person when I joint in this group I have many friends , they all like me as a devil in my characters I always portray , this group give ME more opportunity to explore my space more on the way I never do and think before, or maybe I get out of that box I never notice in this way, or I walk in a new line in a row ,
This group also sent me to college, and I walk out in this group and stop my study up to 2nd years in colleges of course the main reason is money, yes this is my hard times at that moment I need to decide which way I need to walk, to finish or make another way like a new line in a row, I need to force my self to work hard for my daily bread.

New line in a row is a formation of things on how we see and need to act patiently specially in our materials that surround us. Or a CALL on how we make a line in a way we can move perfectly, and this is what I want to share to you,

New line in a row is my greatest achievement, after searching and looking for arts and crafts, i look more books, searching more artist, looking for the master, site in the internet, regarding arts and crafts, and still I never see anything that need to compare on my crafts, but this crafts more on mosaic, patchwork, color pixel in our computer and idea coming from cross stitching, and how it make it different from them,?

Mosaic is a form of arts more on glass and stone or anything that form pattern and pastes it,
Patchwork is a form of arts too start from our old clothes recycled it and form pattern too.

Cross stitching is also form of arts that need to count and have pattern too.

Color pixel normally found in our computer if we want to see or using magnifying glass to see thing clear.

I never research much on this particular meaning (mosaic, patchwork, cross stitching, pixels,) suggestion is always welcome or comment to this particular is will help much,

This kind of words build my composition and remind me, where I start thinking and looking in different way, how can I called my crafts , or where can I place it , I thinking is there a room for me, the answer is YES , I can place it in a galleries of mosaic,
In a patchwork, in pixel room, but not in a wall that hangs cross stitching arts,
But more on more that way, my experiment get more wild and run, colored pixel is always many colors in his single square form, I decide to get out in this category,
I try more research about patchwork , and I see more clear things in this room , the next things I open my mind to the mosaic room and get involved more on more , and I notice a clear picture and help me to categories my craft more in this way.
I draw another line, a new line in a row

After fifteen years searching for the soul of my arts, I try to make room for them, I want to be different from them, I want to be more careful and I want to have a free form from them,
Arts is copying nature I thought, and maybe I think in this way, but copying is like doing things you admire and seeing things that guide us, copying is the only easy way to make us more competitive or maybe more to be exact, new line in a row starting in this way collect the things that have a connection on me make a clear picture and transform in a way I do now,

New line in a row is a form of arts with the relationship to the crafts world,
Arts is different from the crafts, arts is unique form and creation of human no same things have in common with out copying using special tools we have..
Crafts are more on copying have pattern to create more precise and get to perfectly conclusion.

New line in a row is my first step to get out of the box, I never notice for long way before.

New line in a row is a form of CRAFTS after all!


Only the dead man can make his canvass clear and white
I choice freedom that make my life to be complicated and open for more restriction after all

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