Life On The Docks


Life On The Docks

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So for all of two days we finally got a little sun and with it still being winter (the sun sits lower in the sky) I new I’d be in for some great reflections down on West India Docks. Sure enough when I got there around 1pm I was not disappointed. Off to the left you can see the HMS Lancaster which is docked for the next few days or so I’ve heard. To the right the large blue boat is the Lord Amory and in front of it is the Portwey, the only steam tug still in working order. Oh and not to forget the looming towers which make up Canary Wharf and a new one under construction. Also don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are two ducks in the bottom right corner, not sure why but I really like them there!

I should also mention that this was a hand held shot, using a Hoya 77mm Pro1 Digital Circular Polariser which helped with colour saturation and control of the reflections.