Framed Elegance with Gold Accents – Valentine Card printable for 2014 3

Framed Elegance with Gold Accents - Valentine Card printable for 2014 3

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Including these I just added 8 new printable card designs for Valentine’s Day or anytime!
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for personal use only, please. Small groups ok. Great for including a small, flat gift in the back. Best if you use a paper cutter, except around the pocket area (above the logo on the back side of the card). For the pocket opening I use sharp, craft scissors. I use an ink jet printer, laser would do even better. Print to fit on a page. White, acid-free cardstock works best. Photo paper would be more brilliant, but harder to cut or fold in half. Construction paper would be too flimsy. Pocket is formed by attaching mini scrapbook brads (colored for matching or just decorative metal) through the front and back after folding in half. I delineate where you hole punch on either side of the front design, normally about halfway up the card front. A push pin works great for punching a small hole in the center of the delineated circle. Apply it on a surface that gives, like carpet or something with fabric foam (like the arm of a recliner or couch). Pocket opening goes up, of course. These are my newest designs, but I have more. My printable designs for free download are found in this set on Flickr:…