Inspired by a wonderful piece of driftwood and a decision to stop off at Burnmouth, on the Scottish Borders.

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Driving up to Scotland on Monday late afternoon I spotted the most wonderful cloud movements and I thought about stopping at Holy Island. But my head said no keep going you’ve got to get up to Edinburgh tonight!

However, after crossing the border I couldn’t resist the colours and clouds anymore! So I saw a sign for Burnmouth and figured I like the sound of that! You then go down a road to the harbour which should be in the Tour de France! (I know wrong country) but it is a wonderful steep road winding down to a wonderful hidden gem of a very small fishing village cut into the steep cliffs!

I drove past the harbour and along a narrow road, where one of the houses backed right onto the sea – I mean the back wall of the house was the sea defence wall! No garden just sea!

There was a small area where the road opened up so I parked up and climb over the railings and down onto the rocky beach. At this point I saw this super piece of driftwood that reminded me of an elephants foot! Strangely enough the night before I’d been watching a programme on the discovery channel about circus animals attacking their keepers – which by the way I am all for that, the attacking their keepers – no need for poor animals in a circus. Anyhow the irony of this made me chuckle! So I only managed a couple of exposures before the heavens opened up but Burnmouth is somewhere I’ll stop at again!

To the right of this image you’ll see some white blurring – well there where two swans swimming in the sea and in the centre of the image you’ll see a very polite seagull sitting centre stage!

Camera Nikon D80
Lens Sigma 10-20mmm
Exposure 92
Aperture f/11.0
Focal Length 10 mm
ISO Speed 100

Hitech 10 Stopper
Lee Hard Grad 0.9
Cable Shutter Release


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