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Blossom Tree

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Moments Will Come

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

The nights are young and days still
Promises of worship life shall fulfill
As rain comes to earth and forest
A flower shall give its beautiful crest

And a heart will come and be within
Take day by day its twilight’s spin
What into the heart grows to learn
Forest of man and street shall earn

Come give your truth to the dreams
Which like a flower from beauty streams
And wishful thinking will come again
And join these powers that now reign

Grow your green on the high hill
Take what is yours and from earth will
All is not there what you now see
Look at the leaves look at the tree

Hold your own with reading of sign
And draw your doubt from its horizon line
Powers within are everywhere about
Giving you spirit and showing you doubt

The question lies there which has power
Street with their names or dawn’s own hour
Rise to each name shine with its beams
Moments will come and have their deems


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