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And Go

And Go by Michelle Ayler
MEA Music ♫♫♫ Piano Sheet Music Solo Level 2B — Early Elementary

And Go… An incredibly terrific piano sheet music solo for super swell piano students.
Publisher: MEA Music Instrument: Piano, Keyboard, and Digital PianoCategory: Piano Solo Sheet Music, Piano Repertoire, Educational Piano, Piano Method Supplements, Recital Music, MEA Music Piano Solos Level: Early Elementary, Level 2B, Beginner Piano Sheet MusicComposer: Michelle AylerFormat: Piano Sheet Music or Printable Digital Download License: Single Use or Multi-Use (Single Use – please use one piano music sheet per performerpart. Multi-Use – a great and easy option for studios or families with multiple students using the same piano music sheets.)
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  And Go
Detailed Description
MEA Piano Sheet Music Solo
4 pages. 36 measures. Time length: (00:15). 3/4 meter. Key of C. Position: Middle C Position. Written for piano, keyboard, and digital piano. Level 2B. Early Elementary. MEA 13026.
And Go by Michelle Ayler. An original composition written for piano. A delightful option for students that feel the need for speed. Students learning this piece work on several musical skills such as speed and ties. A very nice choice for students to perform at recitals as well as festivals. Also a great supplement to a student’s method books. (Early Elementary, Level 2B, Beginner Piano Sheet Music.)
And Go Piano Sheet Music Samples
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Match student personalities to find the perfect piece they will love to play. The piano student personality type for And Go is need for speed.
Level Description
Level 2B (Early Elementary) Beginner piano solo pieces. Staff reading is limited to stationary five finger positions. A variety of five finger stationary positions are used. Examples include G or D position. Simple rhythms, no eighth notes. Some hands together.
About Song Positions
Most music for the beginning piano student is in a five-finger position (sometimes called orientation) of some form. This is not the same as position reading which can sometimes cause students to struggle with note-reading. MEA Music offers non-positional pieces as well as works in less common five-finger positions for beginning piano students.
Middle C PositonMiddle C Positon is a popular five finger pattern for piano students. The right hand plays five notes: Middle C, D, E, F, G. And the left hand plays five notes: Middle C, B, A, G, F.
And Go Piano Music Sheet FAQs
Is this piano sheet appropriate for traditional sacred or church performances?
No. The style, title, or/and feel of this piece would not be appropriate for traditional sacred or church music performances.
Would this piece be appropriate for a piano recital?
Yes. This is a great choice for students to play at a piano recital.
Is this piano solo an acceptable entry for a piano festival or audition?
Yes. Please contact us if you’ve downloaded a digital pdf file. Most festivals require proof of purchase before accepting printable sheet music and will not accept photocopied sheet music. We will email an official form, or fill out yours, once your purchase has been verified. Be sure to review the rules for your particular festival before contacting us.
Would this composition be an acceptable substitute in a piano exam?
Yes. This would be a great choice for a piano exam.
Is this piano sheet a good supplement to a piano method? If so, which one?
All of the piano sheet music in the catalogue can be used with any piano method. For teachers wishing to supplement with similar pieces, detailed information is provided to help guide you. This includes key signatures, five finger orientations, ect. And for those piano instructors wishing to supplement with different pieces, for example to help a student stuck in position playing or to fill in gaps, the detailed information provided will help a great deal. The catalog has a variety of piano sheet music to fit any instructor’s way of teaching.
Can I make a YouTube video performance of And Go?
Yes! Please be sure to link back to
Is And Go a Student Saver piece?
No. Try looking for a showstopper or a really, really, pretty piano music sheet.
And Go Format Options
Piano Sheet Music Delivery
And Go is available as a hard copy piano sheet printed on 11×17, 28 lb. paper. Shipping and handling is $3.99 for most orders. Please allow 7 — 10 business days for delivery.
Printable Digital Download
And Go is also available as a digital download. All piano sheet downloads are PDF files. There are no restrictions on printing or on the pdf file itself. And Go is a piano solo. Please purchase one copy per performer.