A Chinese Practice


A Chinese Practice


Chung L, Chun Ju’s sister, in DragonBall Z Xenoverse. Chung L’s power level is so high tier, she can fit in this game. Being an "opportunist" I had to take several pics(2 being ecchi – see views on page) of Chung L wearing Chi-Chi’s Cheongsam shirt from DBZ with bikini bottoms.

Learn more of Chung L origins: www.flickr.com/photos/cliffather/15337734620/in/dateposted/

If you didn’t know anything about me, I am known for videogame ideas. Here’s an example: forums.sega.com/showthread.php?208417-Phantasy-Star-5 , forums.sega.com/showthread.php?206675-What-would-you-like… and forums.sega.com/showthread.php?206675-What-would-you-like….

This game would be perfect if it had these ideas.

1. More CAPES please…..c’mon.

2. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber [indoors] – this is similar to a practice mode[ex. Mentor training – spar mode] in other fighting games. The player can practice their combos without the fear of being registered online or count against them as loses or wins. The player can control the opponent or put into computer mode with levels.

3.The ability to change the colors of main characters of the series clothes or make generic version of the main characters of the series clothes(no bonuses).

4. Three new(?) powers called "Healing", Cure & Remove. Healing is based from Dende’ powers of Dragonball Z. These powers have two versions: Healing(an OTHER Super version) and a Ki Blast Super using a more powerful version to heal group. Healing which acts as an "Energy Capsule"(S-Z according to level). Cure acts as a "Mr. Antidote"(S-Z according to level) and Remove acts as a "Mr. Shape Up"(according to level).

5.The ability to use your custom characters to form your 3 man team. Battle with or against your OTHER created characters in local/OFFline battles(as guest players).

6. Choose your martial arts style/grappling(animation) KOF, SF,Tekken & DOA movesets can be possible press buttons combos – see DOA5′ Marie Rose & Ayane. Fighter-class type: Striker(Goku), Tank(Nappa) or support(Dente). Note: I know each race is a type.

7.Team name for your 3 man team(ex. Ginyu Force) if this isn’t in the game.

8.Crossplay format. Allowing players using the PS3 to transfer the data to their PS4 or allow PS4 players to transfer their data to their PS3(to play with family or friends who do not own a PS4 yet),

9. For Xenoverse 2 – All the original game ideas including the above ideas but have character alignments. Towa has a counter Time Patrol – Time Breakers group(She learned a lesson from the first game). Idea example: PS2’s CHAMPIONS CALLED TO ARMS or DCU Online.

SPECIAL NOTE: WHERE’S BULMA’S BUNNY COSTUME for my WILMA SUE(pink & white version -thank you)! Xenoverse[originals] and DBZ BATTLE DAMAGED COSTUMES & BATTLESCARS(ex. Yamcha & Bardock ) for (fe)MALE characters. To make the TRUE William, I NEED DBZ’s SHARPNER’s hair style! An appearance of Goku’s mother Gine and Bulla(Vegeta’s daughter) and Marron(Krillin’s & 18’s daughter)!